Hydroplane crash leaves 3 injured

Crash at Madison Regatta (source: Shannon Kaiser)
Crash at Madison Regatta (source: Shannon Kaiser)

MADISON, IN (WAVE) - Three people were injured in a hydroplane crash during Sunday's Madison Regatta.

Indiana Conservation officer Stephen R. Miller says Angela Greenwell, 34, of Louisville, Kentucky, was taken to University of Louisville Hospital by air ambulance. She was in serious but stable condition.

Chris Cutshall, 31 of Madison, Indiana, was also flown to University of Louisville by helicopter. He was listed in critical condition.

Michael Brand, 46, of Middletown, Ohio, was treated at King's Daughters Hospital in Madison for lacerations.

In the first incident, a speed boat taking part in southern Indiana's Madison Regatta boat race collided with a small rescue boat on the Ohio River, injuring three people, one of them seriously.

The driver of the U-21 Miss Lakeridge Paving, 26-year-old Brian Perkins of North Road, Washington, was not hurt.

Our Shannon Kaiser was there, and she tells us one of the boats in the competition was in the process of completing the second turn when it struck the safety rescue boat.

The crash happened shortly after Perkins' boat missed a buoy, and was backtracking at a slow speed to return to the race course when he collided with the safety boat in the northwest turn of the course.

Forrest Lucas, the founder of Lucas Oil which sponsors the event, says the rescue boat had drifted out of the safety zone.

"I think what happened - the safety boat kind of drifted out of the safe zone," Lucas said. "And the race boat went around the corner and kind of went sideways and decided to cut back across and get back on the circuit again. And just happened to run over it - he didn't see it around the corner, you know? And it was just a pure accident. It wouldn't happen again in a million years."

A rescue crew member tells WAVE 3 that the safety boat was not out of the safety zone.

Lucas says two of the people aboard the rescue craft were "hurt pretty bad."

Later in the evening there was a second crash. A racing official says boat U-96, "Spirit of Qatar," driven by Dave Villwock, hooked violently to the left and into the lane of the U-1 "Oh Boy Ohberto" boat driven by Steve David.

Officials say the U-1 boat hit the side of the U-96 boat and launched over the top of the 96 boat and rolled 360 degrees, coming to rest right side up. Vilwock wasn't hurt. David was taken to a hospital where he was treated for a rib injury and released.

Marvin Park, a spectator, says "we heard a big crash. And we instantly thought it was a buoy, and then we saw it was another boat."

Paul Kemiel says he's never seen anything like it in three decades of attending the Madison Regatta.

"In 30 years, I've never seen an active race boat participant run into a course boat," Kemiel said. "That is a first. It took me by surprise."

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