Man accused in road rage bonds out of jail; victims speaks exclusively to WAVE 3

Phillip Parrish Sr.
Phillip Parrish Sr.

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - It's a story of road rage that may sound all too familiar. A man accused of pointing a gun at a driver. The twist, the man's wife was convicted in a 2008 road rage shooting.

This story is a terrifying case of déjà vu. Deborah Powell says she is still shaken up by what went down on Thursday in New Albany, IN.

Phillip Parrish senior bonded out of jail on Tuesday. Police say he pointed a loaded gun at Powell over a minor incident on the road.

"My heart started pounding it was just scary," said Deborah Powell.

Powell says it all started near the White Castle off of East Spring Street. She says Phillip Parrish Senior started coming in her lane, so she honked her horn.

"That's all it was a little URRR, watch it please," said Powell.

What happened next, she couldn't believe. Powell says Parrish Senior got in the lane behind her and it was near 15th and Spring Streets that she says he pulled alongside her with a 9- millimeter semiautomatic handgun aimed right at her.

"My mind is still going 100 mph thinking why? Just because I honked my horn from keeping you from hitting me," said Powell.

According to court documents, Powell told police Parrish senior yelled..."don't tell me to "blank" watch it."

Powell told police when Parrish Senior pointed the gun at her, his son was in the car laughing. Powell says the gun was pointed at her head another three to four times.

"I was thinking this man is gonna kill me," said Powell. Powell called 9-11 and an officer responded immediately.

Police arrested Parrish Senior and charged him with pointing a loaded firearm at another person.

"I seen his name, Parrish and I kept thinking where have I seen that name?," said Powell.

It's a name that is all too familiar to Wesley Mosier.

"I'm just not surprised," said Wesley Mosier. "I'm really shocked it didn't happen sooner than this."

Parrish Senior's wife Yalanda Parrish was convicted of shooting Mosier during a road rage incident in 2008 in Jeffersonville. She was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Her son, who was also in the car with her, was 15 at the time and received six months probation for kicking Mosier while he was lying on the ground after being shot.

"I have trouble breathing and post traumatic syndrome that I got," said Mosier.

Powell says she's sure a greater power must have been watching over her and realizes it could have been much worse.

"That's what everyone keeps telling me, my guardian angel was on my shoulder," said Powell.

In court documents Parrish Junior told police that his father did point the gun at Powell. Parrish senior is facing a class D felony.

Parrish Senior has bonded out of jail.