LMAS says enough adopted, and it does not have to euthanize

SHIVLEY, KY (WAVE) - There is good and bad news at Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) as two more dogs have died, suspected of having distemper. That brings the total to three. The city says, it's cleaned the facility and it doesn't have to euthanize any animals as they expected due to overcrowding after the illness.

Anna Crowley is a dog person. She heard that some of the animals may be eternized because of overcrowding at the shelter, so she went to Shrivel to adopt one.

"I actually lost my last dog June 13th," said Crowley. "He was 14 years and two months."

She brought her grand kids to help her pick out her new pup, like dozens of other people.

LMAS has 160 dogs, which is double the amount they want. The overabundance of animals partly because they were cleaning things up after discovering a dog died from distemper, and they think the disease spread to two more dogs.

We asked Susan Neumayer, interim director of LMAS, if animals would be euthanized if not enough dogs were adopted.

"That will be the process, but we're hoping that there are enough transfers and adopters," said Neumayer earlier in the day.

That was early in the day when there were long lines of people to get a special adoption price of $9 per dog.

Crowley says she's heard of the virus at LMAS, but wants to adopt anyway.

"I would like to save a dog from being euthanized," said Crowley.

The process wasn't smooth. It took nearly four hours to leave with her new dog, Lizzie, which was her third choice. She went to pay for the first two, but a worker told her one was ill and a rescue group was taking it in. The other had been adopted by someone else while she waited.

Despite long lines the city is calling the blitz a success and half of the dogs have been adopted.

"Thanks to an overwhelming response from rescue groups, foster volunteers and animal-lovers communitywide, no dogs will have to be euthanized at Metro Animal Services due to overcrowding."

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