EXCLUSIVE: Breast feeding may have cleared woman from jail after police say she left infant in hot car

Yunia Flores mug shoot.
Yunia Flores mug shoot.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A mother accused of leaving her infant alone in a hot car Tuesday afternoon faced a judge Wednesday morning in a case that's riddled with complexities.

Only WAVE 3 News was there for the arraignment of Yunia Flores on a charge of wanton endangerment. As she faced a judge, the court faced a bigger problem: Flores claims she doesn't know English, so an interpreter had to be brought in.

Her legal problems stem from what one woman says happened Tuesday afternoon in a shopping center parking lot in Okolona.

"There was approximately a 2-year-old and a newborn baby in the back seat and no adults and the windows were up," said Penny Jessie, who called 911.

Jessie says she did a double take when she looked into Flores' car.

"There was a little baby over in the backseat strapped in by the window; the heat was glaring in on her - the sun - and she was sleeping," Jessie said.

It was a hot one Tuesday. The WAVE 3 Weather Team says it got as hot as 89 degrees, with a heat index of 93.  Jessie says Flores came back to the car, took the 2-year-old out, but left the infant inside.

That's when Jessie called police.

"I was just wondering while I was waiting if something was going to happen to the baby before they got here," she said.  "The baby could have been taken to another parking lot, left in the car longer, and not even be alive now."

When police arrived, only the infant was in the car, so Flores was slapped with one count of wanton endangerment.

In a rare move, no bond was set for her Wednesday. Instead, she was released on her own recognizance while the case plays out because she told the judge she breast feeds the one-month-old.

However, until this case is resolved, Flores must turn over custody of all three of her kids to their grandmother, but she can still visit them.

"Do not bring these children back into your home," said the judge in court Wednesday. "Don't put these children in an automobile and drive them anywhere."

Flores is expected to be back in court next week as the case continues. Her background indicates she has a warrant for theft-related charges. She is expected to answer to those at a later date.

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