Questions still linger over murder-suicide at LG&E

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Questions still remain in a murder-suicide at LG&E. The two people involved are the victim, Andre Johnson and the shooter, Jeremy 'Billy" Davis.

WAVE 3 spoke with Davis' sister, she was too upset to go on camera. She says this is all shocking to them.

It was surprising for Davis' neighbors too.

"I knew him all the way through school I lived out here when I was a child," said Abe Mills.

52-year-old Jeremy "Billy" Davis lived just a few doors down from Abe Mills. Mills says when he found out yesterday that his childhood friend was involved in a murder suicide at LG&E, he was confused.

"You know it ain't Billy, right off the bat you know it wasn't him," said Mills. "He was a good guy. The kind of guy someone was in trouble at school, he'd help him out. If there was trouble he wasn't in the middle of it."

But, there was trouble. Davis' family members tell WAVE 3 that "Billy" had been having some sort of ongoing "issue" at work at LG&E's south substation.

Tuesday around 1:30 p.m., an employee alerted police of a shooting. Police say Davis shot his supervisor 53-year-old Andre Johnson and then turned the gun on himself.

"Something must be pretty bad for a long time," said Mills.

Davis' other neighbors tell us that he moved in with his mother after his father passed away.

"I know he'd been living down there with her, helping her do the yard," said Delane Thacker. "He seemed like a nice person."

Residents in Johnson's neighborhood are equally surprised.

"I just can't even believe this thing even happened," said Johnson's neighbor Vickie Tetrick. "He was always just nice to anyone who walked by always spoke to them and was really nice. It was just a shock."

Others in the area say Johnson lived in this duplex in Clarksville. Police say Johnson supervised the center which employs 50 people. Both men had worked at LG&E for years.

While police and LG&E aren't saying what exactly let to the shooting, others are still wondering what lead to this tragic situation.

"Just can't understand what happened you know what went wrong," said Tetrick.

The flag at LG&E was at half staff. Grief counselors have been on hand to help employees.