Applicant explains why he wants a job at Ford's LAP

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - By mid-afternoon Friday, the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training says around 5,000 people had filled out applications for the open jobs at Ford's Louisville Assembly Plant. The applicants are putting their name in a lottery to take the next step, which is testing for around 1,000 open jobs. Kyle Gowers was one of them.

"Well, I just graduated high school," Gowers said. "It's pretty different getting in real life."

We can all remember what it's like to be where Gowers is in life. He just graduated from New Albany High School and is trying to figure out the future.

"I was thinking about Ford when I graduated because I heard about it from a friend and my dad," said Gowers. "I've filled a couple of applications out, but I'm really hoping on Ford because that would be a really nice job."

Gowers comes from a family of Ford drivers.

"My mom has a Ford Escape and my dad has a Ford Focus over there," Gowers said. "Plus, I have a Ford Mustang over here. So I like Ford a lot."

When news came Thursday that Ford was ready to start the hiring process, Gowers was ready.

"I was in my room, kind of sitting, watching TV and my dad walked in - I guess he heard it off the news or newspaper - and I was like, 'Hey, I'm going to try to get that,'" said Gowers. "We drove over there and filled three forms out. It's pretty easy and it's not hard questions and turned it in."

Gowers already has a job as a cashier at a local grocery store, but he says his hours are unpredictable. He is looking for the stability an opportunity at one of Louisville's largest employers might bring.

"I'd like to have that job so I can retire from it, you know," he said. "That's what I would like."

Gowers isn't sure when he might hear if his name was pulled for further testing at Ford. Kentucky's Office of Employment and Training says it's not sure either. Officials there are also not sure how many of the thousands of applicants they're getting will actually make it to that step.

Ford union representatives say around 1,100 applicants referred by people who already work at the plant will be tested as well.

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