Louisville youth program victim of arson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A local youth program is a victim of crime. Members of the Shawnee Youth Golden Eagles contacted WAVE 3 after someone set fire to thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

The football field next to the Shawnee Boys and Girls club is where Coach Richard Maize gives back.

"We've been doing this for 12 years, this is our 13th year," said Maize. "Trying to keep kids off these streets."

When someone took what has taken him years to build up, he's only left with frustration and many questions.

"Who did it? Why they did it? It's beyond me," said Maize. "We don't mess with anybody. We self contained. We keep to ourselves."

Coach Maize says someone set fire to a storage shed that contained $7,000-$8,000 worth of equipment Wednesday night.

"All of our tackling dummies, blocking dummies, step overs," said Maize.

Only some of the burnt items are left behind. Items that were used by kids from the Shawnee Youth Golden Eagles Football team as well as the cheerleading group.

"Maybe it was some wild teenagers, I can't see no adult doing this," said Maize.

The equipment they did have, didn't come easy.

"We've been saving up and fund raising and doing all types of events, dances, bake sales, and car washes," said Maize.

Maize says whoever set the equipment on fire, took away more than they will ever know.

"I just hope they catch them so, they'll see what they did wasn't right," said Maize. "God knows what we are trying to do he's gonna send us help."

Maize says arson investigators are looking at the case.

He also says former U of L player Amobi Okoye is also donating money to rebuild the youth program.

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