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Water main break causes some restaurants to close

Wick's Pizza Wick's Pizza
Bunz Bunz
Jeremy Boles Jeremy Boles
J. D. Pavkovich J. D. Pavkovich
Libby Loeser Libby Loeser

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Monday night's water main break near UofL's athletic fields was so massive it not only caused some homeowners to stop using water, but many local businesses had to turn away customers. You might be surprised how far the problems traveled.

Bardstown Road is one of the busiest areas in town when it comes to local restaurants, but that wasn't the case Monday night as a lot of hungry patrons went home disappointed.

The problems the big break caused stretched from Floyd and Warnock all the way to the Baxter Avenue-Bardstown Road area. Restaurants like Wick's Pizza, a place normally open 365 days a year, had to shut down when the water turned brown.

"The water pressure was going back and forth and we realized the water was coming out tinted," said Jeremy Boles, the owner of Bunz Restaurant.

That's when burgers stopped flipping.

"We even had somebody come in and say why can't you just use hand sanitizer and I said because the health department says you can't and there's no reason to take a risk like that."

Customers like J. D. Pavkovich couldn't believe the problems downtown had made it all the way to the Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road area.

"It's a little shocking," Pavkovich said, "We were wanting to go to Wick's and all of the sudden they closed it down."

Fine diners found the same problem at Jack Fry's.

"It became clear the water was tinted and there was an issue so we had to interrupt service," said Libby Loeser, the manager of Jack Fry's.

It was a big loss on a busy night for these businesses in more ways than one.

"We had to turn away people with anniversaries and birthdays and other special occasions," Loeser said. "All of them were understanding, but that's very disappointing."

A few businesses, like O'Shea's and Flannigan's, had low water pressure for a few minutes and tell us they never really saw any difference in the color of the water. Businesses further down Bardstown Road, like Uptown and Seviche, had no problems.

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