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Old Louisville residents react to water main break

Neal Dixon Neal Dixon

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Phones in the WAVE 3 newsroom were ringing off the hooks Monday night as folks getting home from work were wondering what was going on with their water.

In Old Louisville, the water for many was down to just a trickle. About five blocks from the water main break they still had water, but just at very low pressure. At first many neighbors were worried the problems were with their own homes. Some tried calling the Louisville Water Company and couldn't get through. Once they heard the news, they realized they realized they weren't alone.

"I seen the picture on the news over by Floyd Street and it was a mess," said Mike Jackson who lives on E. Burnett Street. "I was sweating and I couldn't take a shower after working."

"The further you go up in the house the less pressure you have and the shower is on the second floor so I actually tried that, even though our toilet won't fill, so I am in fact at this point getting ready to get a bucket and fill the tank of the toilet," said Neal Dixon who lives on W. Catherine Street.

"I am ringing wet and I'm ready to take a shower," said Jackson. "I've had one and I'm ready to take another."

"It's a headache and you know I think these things happen, and I Think it is something we can cope with," said Dixon.

Many in this neighborhood are just happy they didn't lose their water completely.

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