UofL cleans up after water main break, AC back on in dorms

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The river of water funneled into headaches for folks at the University of Louisville. When the water main broke, it flooded into a building. As crews cleaned up, the road was covered with mud and even the air conditioning was out.

Amazingly water only got into one building on campus, theater arts, and there was no more than three inches.

"We got crews in here with some wet-vacs and some mops and some fans and its pretty much cleaned up just a few hours later," said UofL spokesperson Mark Hebert.

The practice soccer field and tennis courts were covered with water, but much of the campus was spared.

"Fortunately the railroad tracks that cut through our campus really served as kind of a barrier or flood wall for lack of a better term to keep a lot of the water from getting into the buildings further into campus," said Hebert.

The university says there are about 2,000 people on campus and a few hundred of those are living in dorms.

"Mostly everyone in the lobby and behind the desk because we have three people back, here broke into a sweat - a full-on sweat," said Ramsey Morton a Conference Assistant at Louisville Hall.

Because of the water, the University shut down the chiller plant. That means most of the buildings on campus lost air conditioning.

"People go crazy (without AC)," said Morton. "Like last night there was a lot of yelling behind the desk at each other for no reason at all."

It was a low note for the folks in the dorms in town for a jazz camp.

"I just took all the sheets and everything off my bed and just tossed around and flopped around until I fell asleep," said jazz student Zachary Hoffman.

The air conditioning started back up overnight, but it took awhile to cool the huge buildings.

"Jazz keeps everything cool, so that's how we managed," said Don Squires with the jazz camp.

UofL sent a note saying that second shift workers should come to work Tuesday at normal times and classes and offices will be on schedule Wednesday.

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