Mayor announces more jobs; says we're headed in the right direction

Robert Curtice
Robert Curtice
Mayor Greg Fischer
Mayor Greg Fischer
Gavin Lawrence
Gavin Lawrence
Crystal Symonette
Crystal Symonette

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville's Office of Employment and training has been busy the last week as 16,837 people lined up to try to snag one of the 1,100 jobs up for grabs at Ford. As he announced more than 100 new healthcare jobs coming to Louisville during a Thursday press conference, Mayor Greg Fischer says we're headed in the right direction.

Earlier in the day, hours before the Ford jobs deadline, people made the trip downtown for their chance at one of more than 1,000 jobs with the automaker.

"I thought I'd come in a little later, cause the line would be a lot shorter," said 24-year-old Robert Curtice of Leitchfield who traveled 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the OET office. "Even though the odds are really stacked against me, I'll get a decent job and not have to work about living paycheck to paycheck."

Thursday, Mayor Fischer unveiled a multi-million dollar grant project aimed at improving city services and growing auto manufacturing jobs.

"This helps us tremendously," Fischer said.

Also on the city's economic front, Coventry Healthcare is locating its Kentucky office in Louisville. They are adding more than 100 new jobs. The news culminates a week full of jobs announcements for the city of Louisville.

"Mainly what I think it does is it shows people that hey things are turning around. We've got some hope here," Mayor Fischer said.

This economic boost comes on the heels of a survey by a group called Manpower that ranked Louisville 60th in the list of U.S. cities for summer job prospects. Regionally, the city fell short compared to Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lexington and Nashville.

Here is that list for our region in terms of best and worst summer job prospects:

No. 12  Nashville
No. 25  St. Louis
No. 30  Indianapolis
No. 34  Cincinnati
No. 38  Lexington
No. 60  Louisville

"So, that sounds like we're in the average," said Fischer when asked about the city's ranking. "My goal is never to be the average. My goal is for the city to always be better than the country when it comes to the unemployment average and we're moving in that direction."

That is just the news people looking for work want to hear.

"It makes me feel like I have some gleam of hope," 23-year-old Gavin Lawrence of New Liberty, KY, one of many people applying for a job with Ford. "I know it's competitive out there. I hope it works out the best for me."

Crystal Symonette of Louisville said, "...Because it's really hard trying to find a job here. It's like dry, almost, here."

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