Portland neighbors complain of illegal liquor sales

Kim King
Kim King
John Owen
John Owen
Good Times Social Club
Good Times Social Club

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - People in Portland say they've got an old-fashioned speakeasy in their neighborhood and they're not happy about it. The residents say they have contacted police, their councilwoman and now they've called WAVE 3.

At lunchtime Thursday, the Good Times Social Club was locked up tight. But neighbors say in the early morning hours - 4 a.m., 5 a.m., 6 a.m. – the place is hopping.

"I've actually been in there at 6:30 in the morning and been served," Portland resident Kim King said.

"Probably about 3:45 the traffic starts," said John Owen. "By 4:25, every street in this neighborhood is solid with cars."

What's drawing them?

"You're not going to have people at 4 a.m. coming for fried chicken and collard greens," said Owen. "I don't care if the woman's the best cook in town."

Instead, people in Portland say it's the liquor.

"It's a restaurant fronting for a speakeasy," Owen said.

Neighbors say Good Times doesn't have a license to serve liquor but that's not stopping them.

"They do drugs upstairs," said King. "Downstairs, they sell beer and hard liquor."

Owen provided us with two citations from Metro Alcohol Beverage Control citing the club for bootlegging. But still night after night, neighbors say the party continues.

"It is something that's running wide in the open," Owen said. "Everyone knows it's here."

The problems, they say, are piling up all over Portland.

"I've had problems with a gentleman walking up in this neighbors yard and urinating," said King.

"The noise, the cursing, the drinking out on the sidewalks, it's a mess," said Owen.

They've complained to just about everyone they can think of in the hope someone will help.

"We'll just keep going and going till we get someone to help us on this issue," King said.

"We want to get them shut down plain and simple," Owen said.

No one was at the business when we went Thursday and our note and phone calls were not returned.

Metro Police say they're concerned about the club too and have put officers in the area, who have made arrests for drug possession and disorderly conduct.

Lindsay English, a spokeswoman for Mayor Greg Fischer's office, said Good Times Club is applying for a liquor license and Metro ABC is taking public comment through close of business Friday. English also said the citations from ABC enforcement could count against the club in the application process.

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