EXCLUSIVE: Owner of stolen car in chase, worried she'll get stuck with the bill

Aimee Osborne
Aimee Osborne
Aimee Osborne's truck
Aimee Osborne's truck
Osborne's stolen truck in a wooded area after being abandoned by Kee and Chandler
Osborne's stolen truck in a wooded area after being abandoned by Kee and Chandler

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The owner of the stolen truck at the center of a metro police pursuit speaks exclusively to WAVE 3. Police were searching for Kenneth Kee after they say he led them on a chase into the woods near Dixie Beach and bailed out of a truck. The K-9 unit picked up his girlfriend Janna Chandler. Police finally found Kee Friday morning in a vacant home nearby on Abbott Beach.

Thousands of people watched the car chase on the news Thursday night.

"I saw it on the news so I ran out and got (my fiance) Derrick and told him there's a truck on TV," said Clarksville resident Aimee Osborne. "We did notice it was a Ford truck so I called down to the police station and they confirmed that it was our vehicle."

Osborne said the truck was reported stolen Wednesday from Jeff Wyler Toyota.

"It was unbelievable that they even found the vehicle," said Osborne. "We thought we'd never see it again."

On Friday afternoon, Osborne got the truck back. It was a little banged up, dented, and dirty.

"The truck's just destroyed on the inside, just a mess - clothes, food, drinks," said Osborne. "The ignition, we can actually start the vehicle without having a key now."

That part is ironic because Osborne and her fiance say they brought the truck back to Jeff Wyler Toyota the day after they bought it because it wouldn't start. They say the dealership showed them the surveillance video of a man breaking in and driving off with the car. Now they say they're left with a "lemon" and no one to fix it.

"When I talked to Jeff Wyler I talked to Lance, which is one of the managers, and he told me that absolutely not--they are not covering it on their insurance," said Osborne. "We can't have $18,000 of debt when we don't have a vehicle to drive."

WAVE 3 contacted Jeff Wyler Toyota. A manager said "we're not doing anything wrong" and "no comment."

Osborne spoke to her insurance company who said it's not their responsibility and it should be that of the car dealership.

"We want this covered under their insurance and the issues that were wrong with it fixed as well," said Osborne.

Michael Barry, vice president of media relations for the Insurance Information Institute, said at first glance he believes the car dealership would be the liable party because it was on their property, but if there is a disagreement between providers it could end up in court.

Osborne said if they have to go to court, they will.

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