Confidence in Louisville's housing market improving

Tara Brinkmoeller
Tara Brinkmoeller
Dionne Templeton
Dionne Templeton
Chris Carey
Chris Carey

PROSPECT, KY (WAVE)- Some beautiful and energy efficient homes are on display in this years' Homearama at Norton Commons.

But, with a down housing market, is the event a 'tough sell' for both homebuilders and home buyers?

The short answer people gave WAVE 3 today, from at least one person looking to buy a new home and another who builds them: "The sell" isn't as tough as you might think. That's because confidence in the market is improving.

Just ask Dionne Templeton. She is looking to buy her first new home

"I need space. I'm looking to grow a family, start a family. Let the family grow into that particular space."

She and her husband recently moved to Kentuckiana, from Chicago

"Louisville was one of the places that we did our homework on because of the housing market issues and the cost of living, all of that went into play, and Louisville won." Templeton said.

Templeton is one of hundreds of people at this year's Homearama event at Norton Commons, in Prospect. It's a chance to see the latest in homebuilding.

"What people want in a home is not the large home anymore. They're really looking for functional space." Tara Brinkmoeller, Spokeswoman for the Home Builder's Association of Louisville said.

According to Brinkmoeller, home building permits in Louisville lagged during the first five months of the year.

Yet, she sees pockets of success and difficulty in new home sales.

"We're on the verge of the up tick," Brinkmoeller said "I think we have hit bottom, in Louisville. I don't think we really have farther to fall. I would say, everything we're going to be seeing is going to be up."

Chris Carey is the President of Chris Carey Builders. He is of the builders featured in this year's Homearama.

"I've been doing this for 18 years," Carey said "I mean I've just got to plug along and hope it turns around. And it will. It's just a process. We're hopefully in the bottom and I think in the next year or so, we'll see a much more activity."

Though Templeton is aware of the housing market's stance, she's confident in her future investment .. her first new home.

"We're gonna make sure we do make the right decision, the right choice. Stay within our budget and then, just take it from there...make the purchase from there. we know this is home for us"

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