Trauma professionals question recent random violence

Theresa Baker
Theresa Baker
Elmore Thurston
Elmore Thurston
Christopher 2X
Christopher 2X

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two young women have become random victims in drive-by shootings in the past week. The latest happened early Monday morning when a 16-year-old girl standing with a group of people was shot. Last Thursday night, a 21-year-old mother was shot and killed.

The 16-year-old girl is improving at University Hospital, but she's fearful with the shooter still out there. Both the families and local medical professionals tell us they are stunned by all the violence in the Louisville area of late.

Two young women caught in the crossfire and in random violence:  Even for ER trauma professionals at University Hospital it can be overwhelming.

"It's kind of setting a trend that we're seeing," said Theresa Baker, UofL Hospital Trauma Outreach Coordinator.

Baker says the trend seems to be more young people being wounded by gunfire this summer. The 16-year-old girl was talking to a group of people outside a home in the on South 32nd Street when she was hit in the backside by a stray bullet. Louisville Metro Police say the shooter was in a late model gold or silver Buick.

Days before?

"It was awful, sad and my heart goes out to the family and she was doing nothing but, being in a parking lot with her boyfriend," said Baker of the shooting Thursday.

Elmore Thurston had no idea it was bullets, not fireworks, he heard flying in front of his apartment building Thursday night at 44th and Del Park. That's when 21-year-old Charlotte Clark, a mother of two was shot in the stomach during a drive-by.

"I don't know which direction he was shooting," said Thurston, "but the bullets just strayed and hit my windshield and then the side window on the driver's side."

Thurston would soon find out his young neighbor had been killed and another man wounded.

"Same situation with young people out there congregating just standing around somebody drives up and shoots into the crowd," said Community Activist Christopher 2X describing the violence.

"When you see that magnitude of such a horrific injury and something that could have been prevented and you ask why and why and so young?" Baker added.

Anyone with information in the crimes is asked to call the police tip-line 574-LMPD.

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