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Young softball team crushed after denied to participate in tournament

Coach Brad Malone Coach Brad Malone
Missy Rigdon Missy Rigdon

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A young softball team's dreams are crushed after they say they were denied to participate in an upcoming regional tournament this weekend.

Opening ceremonies will start at Fern Creek Park on Thursday for the Babe Ruth Ohio Valley Regional, but the tournament was first set to be in Wisconsin, which is why one team could not afford to accept their bid.

"It stinks," said 10 year old Macie Hollis.

For a team that just won the state championship, right now they're feeling pretty bummed.

"It's kind of sad that we are not allowed to get in it," said Anna Greenwell, softball player.

Prairie Village Coach Brad Malone says when the parents heard the regional tournament was 13 hours away, they came to the conclusion this year a trip like that wouldn't be possible.

"We were not going to be able to go, financial reasons," said Malone. "It was really disappointing for us not to be able to we've always been able to go, but it was something we had to turn down unfortunately."

Only days later to learn the tournament was moved, Malone says because of lack of participation.

"They are telling us because we refused our bid to Wisconsin that we don't have the option to play now that it has been moved here," said Malone.

But parents believe there are other reasons behind it. "They don't want us in," said Missy Rigdon.  "These girls are awesome. They don't want us, they know we'll beat them."

She says they aren't the only team left out. "Mt. Washington's not in," said Rigdon. "They are the number one on the east side. We're the number one on the west side. It's wrong what they are doing to these girls. These girls are crushed. They've worked hard, all summer."

"We're the ones that should be holding that trophy," said Greenwell.

Fern Creek tournament officials tell us they had nothing to do with which teams are playing here. WAVE 3 contacted Babe Ruth tournament officials and we were told that someone would be getting back to us, but we have yet to heard back.

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