Louisville barbers working together to cut more than just hair

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - While they may be known for cutting hair, some local barbers are looking to cut something else, after a recent spike in crime at their own businesses.

"Guys are coming in and casing the shops and then coming back and robbing the shops," said Dale Jackson with BJ's Barber Shop.

That alarming trend is starting to become a day at the office for some independent barber shop owners.

"They're coming in with pistols and making people lie down and coming in and robbing the barbers and the customers," Jackson said.

That's something Charles Lowery - the owner of Shivley's Tight Skillz - experienced personally for the first time in his shop's 14-year history.

"Two individuals came in - one had their face partially covered with their shirt and the other came in behind him and it was a quick process - in and out," Lowery recalled.

They all say enough is enough and so the independent business owners are joining forces to take a bite out of crime.

Owners of barber shops just like Klass Act off of Cane Run Road are joining a coalition of local barbers with a goal of raising awareness of this major problem so that they can keep their barbershops open for both their customers and for the owner's livelihood.

"We make that money to turn around and pay our bills and to take care of our families and to have people come in and just take that, that's a hard pill to swallow," Lowery told WAVE 3 News.

Many customers are paying with cash, and the bad economy may explain the sudden rash of robberies.

"People know that barbers are making money everyday so there's a potential to come out of there with something in hand anytime you hit a shop so I guess that's what makes a prime target for a quick hit," Jackson said.

By working together, beefing up surveillance equipment, and working with police, they hope to cut more than just hair.

Suspect descriptions vary in these cases, and it's not always a man doing the stealing.

Unfortunately many of the shops don't have cameras, which is something the owners say they are working on.

The barbers say the amount of cash on hand can vary, sometimes exceeding hundreds of dollars.

The group will meet Monday, July 26 at 9 a.m. at the Kentucky College of Barbering at 26th & Broadway.

Meanwhile, police have released a description of the suspects and a list of locations that have been robbed.

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