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Neighbors claim elderly woman pushed in pool is a 'bully'

Betty Haley (Source; Larry Wilder) Betty Haley (Source; Larry Wilder)
Ken and Kathy Quiggins Ken and Kathy Quiggins
Image from surveillance video of Betty Haley being pushed into the pool Image from surveillance video of Betty Haley being pushed into the pool
Larry Wilder Larry Wilder
The Harbours Condominiums The Harbours Condominiums

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – It was exclusive video WAVE 3 brought you Tuesday night as Jeffersonville condo cameras show a maintenance man pushing an elderly woman into a pool. As we first reported that woman is suing, but now her neighbors tell us there is another side to the story.

The push of Betty Haley in the pool at the Harbours Condominiums in Jeffersonville has ignited controversy. A longtime maintenance employee is seen in the video doing the shoving and the 72-year-old Haley is suing.

"Clearly, I don't think a healthy adult man needs that much force to defend himself against a 5-foot-nothing, 72-year-old lady," said Larry Wilder, Haley's attorney.

That's hard to argue with unless you talk to Haley's neighbors who claim she is a bully who continually harasses residents poolside.

"I won't go down there," said Kathy Quiggins of the pool area, "I'm scared to death of her."

Quiggins and her husband Ken allege Haley's antics have Jeffersonville Police at the Harbours all the time. They claim the riverside luxury condo building has a pit bull on property. 

"This isn't you're your 72-year-old grandmother," Kathy Quiggins said. 

"She's just the meanest person I've ever seen in my life, she's just mean," said Ken Quiggins.

The couple is even defending the push into the pool.

"It was just a reaction when she jumped on him and he pushed her and it just happened," Ken Quiggins said, "she went into the pool."

It's not just the Quiggins who are making the claims about Haley. Here are a few of teh comments posted on by several people who claim to know something about Haley.

"She spits on people," said one poster.

"She's caused trouble for years and needs to see a doctor," wrote another.

At the condos there were fliers posted which show Haley with horns with the caption, "Wanted dead or alive, dead preferred." Wilder wants to know who is responsible for the fliers. The Quiggins question whether Haley posted them herself to get sympathy.

The Quiggins claim Haley had been banned from the pool a while back for bad behavior and say moments before the push she threatened the woman who manages the property.

"This woman attacked Cindy Richards in her office two and half months ago and it took three grown men to pull this little 72-year-old woman off of Cindy," Ken Quiggins said.

We wanted to get Haley's side of the story, but Wilder said because there are so many criminal investigations at the Harbours right now, he wants her to wait.

According to Wilder, the bottom line is even if Haley chest-butted the man, he had no excuse to shove an elderly woman in the pool.

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