WAVE 3 launches new smartphone apps

WAVE 3 News, your local station that is working for you, has launched new apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Our new apps, launched in the app store and market in July 2011, feature more news content, more video and a display that can be tailored to your preferences.

When you download the new WAVE 3 News app, you will instantly notice there are much more stories on the home page. Click on one of the stories and you will easily be able to share a story you like via email, Facebook, Twitter or even Google Plus. You can also save a story in your "My View" section so you can view it later.

Our Weather section has been streamlined for easy use. Inside, you can get the forecast for the next 10 days in just one, click along with radar images from the WAVE 3 Weather team. And if you love Twitter, you can see the Tweets of the WAVE 3 Weather team any time.

Our "More" section is that, more. More news and sports. We have sections for Kentucky and Indiana, along with sports sections that will change out with each new season.

If you love video, the new WAVE 3 app has a lot for you to love. Inside the section, we have our latest news, weather and sports video. Along with a section dedicated to bringing you the hottest video from wave3.com. iPhone users will even be able to view live video streams.

If you see news, send it in using our new My Report feature. Just snap your photo or video and send it in under the contribute tab. You can also browse all of the Kentuckiana's photos on the app.

You can download the app right now by clicking the links below.

This is a whole new app - not an update - so your will need to delete your old WAVE app.

[Screenshots of the new WAVE 3 Android App]

Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What happens to the old WAVE app?
That app is going away at the end of July. You need to download and install this new free app to continue to receive breaking news notifications from WAVE 3 News.

2) Will the new app automatically replace the old app?
No. You must download and install this new app. You are welcome to delete the old app at any time.

3) Why do the stories not refresh when I reopen the app?
The app does not automatically refresh when you reopen it. To refresh the story listings on the app, pull the screen down (like you do with the Facebook app) until the screen begins to refresh. You can also manually close the app and relaunch it.

4) Why is live video for iPhone only?
Two years ago, Apple added the ability to easily stream live video over WiFi and 3G networks. That technology is slowly becoming available for other devices on other platforms and we are evaluating our options. Once we are satisfied we have found a live streaming solution for devices other than iOS, we will add it.

5) Is there an iPad app?
No, not yet. We are working on that and hope to have something available later this year.

6) Where are the traffic maps?
We hope to have those online in the near future.

7) What about an app for Blackberry?
We are working on that and hope to have something ready in the near future.

8) What about an app for Windows mobile devices?
At this time, we do not have plans to make an app for Windows mobile devices.

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