Hot temps bringing calls for AC repairs

Arlie Combs, Jr.
Arlie Combs, Jr.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The dog days of summer are causing a business to boom. One owner of one air conditioning repair service says calls are up 30 percent, another says 50 percent.

"We're finding especially the elderly are having real difficulties, and people tend to get scared," said Arlie Combs, Jr., owner of Combs Heating and Air Conditioning Service.

Combs said his employees have been working long hours to try and help all their customers.

"I've had some of the guys getting sick, no question about it from overheating," said Combs.

He does have some advice for homeowners to prolong the life of the AC units.

"Change the filter frequently, at least once a month," said Combs. "At least have the unit washed or cleaned at least once per summer."

Combs also reminds people to make sure the power is disconnected before washing.

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