St. Matthews home break-in victim : 'I'm on pins and needles'

Trista Wafzig
Trista Wafzig
Det. Sgt. Harvey Hite
Det. Sgt. Harvey Hite

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- A viewer concerned for her safety contacted WAVE 3 for help. After her home was broken into a little more than a week ago.

In a quiet, tree lined Saint Matthews neighborhood.

Trista Wafzig isn't living as easy since she says someone kicked in her back door and broke into her home on Alton Road.

"Definitely, I'm on pins and needles walking around and driving around even here lately," Said Wafzig "I'm very aware of everybody. It's scary to walk outside now. I come home periodically throughout the day with my job I'm able too. So, I'm afraid to walk in the house. I don't want to catch anybody in there."

Wafzig said a neighbor saw something...

"It happened around 3 o'clock. He (her neighbor) noticed a truck they pulled right into our driveway, loaded it up, and backed out and left like they were working on the house or something." Wafzig said.

"I had some obvious heirlooms from my family that was stolen that really, more than anything, that's what I would like to have returned. For whatever reason, they stole clothing, shoes. His (her boyfriend's) shoes were taken."

According to police reports, two other homes were hit since late June. One on July 9th, at a home on Alcott Road, where more than $700 in jewelry and electronics were taken.

The other, on June 28th, on Dayton Avenue where $5,000 in jewelry was stolen.

They all had one thing in common... the thieves came in through the back.

"I do think that there's some, maybe a little bit more of crime/riff-raff in the area. I'm not real sure," Wafzig said "It just seems just kind of wonder. I hate to say yes there is more crime, but I think there might be." Wafzig said.

Detective Sergeant Harvey Hite, of the St. Matthews Police Department says there is no rise in home break-ins in the area

"I don't see a crime wave in St. Matthews. Like I say, we'll run 3 to 5 residential burglaries in St. Matthews." Hite said "I'm talking burglaries with forcible entry. We'll have maybe 3 to 5 of them a month.

As far as having a fear of living here in St. Matthews and thinking that we're having a rash of burglaries or anything like that, we're not experiencing any more than anyone else in the area." Hite said "Our residential break-ins are...we're running about the same number this month as we did last month. We've not experienced an up tick in the number of residential burglaries." Hite said.

Detective Sergeant Hite says people are taking steps to protect themselves.

"A lot of people are adding security doors on their home. If you can afford to do so, a home alarm system would be nice."

If you have any information, call St. Matthews Police at 502. 893. 9000

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