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Brent Burke in military court today

Posted by Sarah Eisenmenger - email

FORT KNOX, KY (WAVE) - Brent Burke is facing charges in military court starting today.

Differing from other courts he has been in before, he will have preliminary hearing is called an article 32 hearing.

At least five enlisted members and officers will make up the jury and, there only needs to be a two- thirds majority, not the unanimous vote required in civilian courtrooms.

This all comes after murder charges were thrown out against Burke nearly a month ago.

He's accused of shooting and killing his estranged wife, Tracy, and her one time mother in law, Karen Comer. After four mistrials, the charges were dropped, as prosecutors didn't think they could get a conviction in a 5th trial. Burke was then picked up at the Hardin County Detention Center by US Army Officials who charged him with pre-mediated murder for violating the uniform code of military justice.

Under the military code, Burke could once again face the death penalty or life in prison.

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