EXCLUSIVE: Deadline ordered in body found in basement case; suspect’s family talks

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  Nearly a year has passed since a couple's heated argument eventually led to a murder discovery in Old Louisville, but it will likely be another six months before a trial begins for Jeffery Mundt and Joseph Banis.

The two are accused of killing Joseph Carroll in late 2009, then storing the body in a plastic tub beneath their home. They were arrested for that in the summer of 2010.

Now the judge is urging both attorneys in this case to be ready for a December trial date; however the big question remains who will be tried first. Friday, the judge set an important deadline for the prosecution to make that decision.

It's been over a year since the shocking discovery in a 4th street home.

"Banis did give a statement to detectives implicating his boyfriend Jeffery Mundt in a homicide and that the body was located in the basement where they'd been staying," Lt. Barry Wilkerson said in a June 2010 interview.

Mundt and Banis would later be arrested for murder and other charges in the death and disappearance of Carroll.

Police believe the two boyfriends stored his body in a plastic tub for at least six months, with no one suspecting a thing; that is, until a fight between the two led to the revelation.

Since then, the pair have been behind bars, with the question remaining for prosecutors: how to proceed with the case.

"It's just been a hard year. It's worrisome to us because our son is incarcerated all this time," said Robert Mundt, Jeffery's father, in a WAVE 3 exclusive interview.

Jeffery Mundt's parents have had to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas with their son behind bars. They try to make it to every court appearance, no matter how brief.

Friday's lasted less than ten minutes.

"It isn't just coming to the courthouse; we live in Bloomington, Indiana so it's a 90 mile drive," Robert Mundt said.

Prosecutors were asked to announce Friday who they wish to try first, but they again asked for more time saying that computer evidence still hasn't come back from federal investigators.

In turn, the judge demanded a decision in two weeks, so that everyone can prepare for the December trial... all while the Mundts hope for the best.

"We talk to him by telephone pretty much and it helps. It helps us and it helps him," Robert Mundt said.

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