Mother charged for large teen party with drugs and beer

Dwight Mitchell
Dwight Mitchell
Pleasure Ridge Park home of Lydia House
Pleasure Ridge Park home of Lydia House

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police say a Louisville mother was the life of the party, allowing her teenaged son and 150 of his friends to celebrate in her Pleasure Ridge Park home.

"When the officer arrived, he noticed that there were between 100 to 150 kids that were in the front yard, the backyard and inside of this home," said LMPD spokesman Dwight Mitchell.

The kids, homeowner Lydia House, 40, says, were friends of her 17-year-old son from PRP High School. Police say House was there as the teens drank beer and smoked pot.

"When he did first encounter Ms. House, it was as if she had just gotten home from work, but as he continued to interview her, she did come forth and say yes, she was there and had been there the whole time," Mitchell said.

A neighbor said Monday that it wasn't the first time a large party happened inside the home.

When contacted by WAVE 3, House said she didn't want to discuss it because she works for attorneys and knows it wouldn't be a good idea.

Police say the party wasn't a good idea either, even though she's charged only with unlawful transaction with a minor for serving alcohol to her son.  Police say the other kids left as the officer arrived so House is not facing charges related to them.

"It's not OK because 21 is the legal drinking age to either consume or possess," Mitchell said of what police are alleging house did. "You're putting yourself, and obviously your children and anyone else that they have in harm's way and you would be extremely liable for ... In the process of trying to please your kids, sometimes you could be leading to their detriment."

The party wasn't the only problem at the home on Vicki Lane Friday night. As police were charging House for unlawful transaction with a minor, they ran a check and found a warrant for her as well for an April charge of possession of meth, marijuana and other drugs.

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