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Parents say prosecutors dropping case in their daughter's death

Bernard King during a July 22 court appearance Bernard King during a July 22 court appearance
Brandie Chadwell (Source: Maggie Briley) Brandie Chadwell (Source: Maggie Briley)
Judge Brian Edwards Judge Brian Edwards
Maggie Briley Maggie Briley
Richard McMahan Richard McMahan

CARROLLTON, KY (WAVE) - Police say their daughter and granddaughter were killed by an impaired driver. Bernard "Caleb" King is charged in the 2009 deaths of Brandie Chadwell and her unborn baby. But Monday night, Chadwell's parents spoke to us after being told the case has been dropped. While prosecutors say the trial hasn't been officially called off yet, the victim's parents say that is not what they were told.

"I'm mad, because after four years, I've gotten broken promises," said Maggie Briley.

Briley has had it with the legal system and the man whom police say is a persistent felony offender. King is charged with manslaughter, fetal homicide and operating a motor vehicle under the influence in the 2009 Shively motorcycle crash that killed Chadwell and her unborn child.

"The man (King) has been arrested over and over and over again. How many chances is he going to get to kill more people?" asked Briley.

Last month, Judge Brian Edwards threw out test results and King's own statement that he used cocaine prior to the crash because a Shively police officer did not take a blood alcohol test after the accident.

"They are important pieces of evidence and I felt we had a decent case going forward prior to this," said prosecutor Frank Dahl after the court ruling.

Now, Chadwell's parents say prosecutors have told them it's done – they are dropping the case. Briley said it has been one apology after another. 

"I've been told they're sorry for the mistakes at the Shively Police Department and I've had broken promises all along," said Briley.

"It shocked me and it's just terrible because you don't know how it is to lose a daughter plus what we been through in the last four years and then to let this guy go," said Richard McMahan, Chadwell's father, of the news.

King's family and lawyers maintain it was nothing but a tragic accident. But Chadwell's parents say it was nothing of the sort for a man already on probation when the crash happened.

"I have nightmares," Briley said, "Over and over and over again Brandie is begging me to help her."

Briley told us while the jails may be full; the graveyards are even fuller. She plans to fight for all the mothers and grandmothers out who are going through the same thing she is. Briley and McMahan said they will take their fight to Frankfort to make police more accountable in cases like this.

According to the Commonwealth Attorney's Office, King's trial is still scheduled for August 8 unless a judge calls a special hearing to announce the charges are dropped.

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