Indiana men robbed at gunpoint in Louisville

Jordan Wyman
Jordan Wyman
Nick Snider
Nick Snider

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Three men visiting Louisville from Orange County, Indiana didn't get the warm welcome for which they were hoping. Instead, they got lost, then robbed at gunpoint.

"Fourth Street Live! is actually a really nice place to go," said Jordan Wyman.

That's what Wyman and his two friends thought when planning their outing: a trip to Louisville last weekend, a little partying at Fourth Street Live! It sounded fun.

"Lesson learned, don't go around town if you don't know where you're going," Wyman said.

The trio left Fourth Street. Police say they were intoxicated. Everyone agrees they didn't know where they were or how to get back to their hotel on Broadway. Detectives believe they could have wandered as far off track as 15th and Magazine streets.

"we walked by and these guys were sitting on the steps, and asked us for some cigarettes and we said we didn't have any," said Nick Snider. "We kept walking and they came up behind us and I turned around -- I was the first to see them -- and he walked up and put a gun up to my throat and started going through my pockets, taking all of my stuff."

"We were scared to death," Wyman said. "We're from a small town in Southern Indiana and you know, we don't lock our doors at night."

Snider says out of the three robbers, at least two of the men had guns. Wyman says the second gunman focused on him.

"He came up and was waving it in my face and saying, 'Get out all your money, get out all your money,' so I just opened up my wallet," Wyman said. "You know, I wasn't going to lose my life over $100 or whatnot."

They handed over their wallets and took off, running until they made it to a restaurant on 7th and Broadway.

"There was a bunch of police officers out there and we went running up to them and we were like, 'Sir, sir, we've just been robbed,'" Wyman said.

The group lost cash, debit cards, cell phones and Snider's wallet even contained his and his daughters' social security cards, but what they really lost was a sense of security on their visit.

"I even went to Iraq and I never really felt like that over there as I did here, as helpless as I was," said Snider, an Air Force veteran.

Police say none of the debit cards or cell phones have been used. They're still investigating the case.

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