WAVE 3 talks to experts about recent weather's impact on you

STARLIGHT, IN (WAVE)- Our recent string of heat in the 90s finally broke Saturday. And, a splash of needed rain fell on the area Saturday night.

WAVE 3 wanted to know what the current and future impact is from our recent hot and dry weather.

Under the hot sun, the corn and other crops were growing at Joe Huber's Family Farm in Starlight, Indiana.

"In all the areas where we have our vegetation and stuff, I have my guys," Joe Huber, of Joe Huber's Family farm said "We go out every morning and we water the areas."

Huber said the recent heat has had a minimal impact on his land

So far, in terms of rainfall, he said it's been a drier summer.

"It's been a little bit more work here on the farm this summer to keep everything watered and growing," Huber said.

National Weather Service hydrologist, Mike Callahan, said the area is behind on rainfall for the month. Close to normal for the season and still above normal for the year, thanks to the spring flooding.

"There already are starting to see some problems just to the northeast of Louisville with some agriculture, because we had that dry 2 weeks." Callahan said.

Callahan said there's no official drought and no indication of any drought-signs getting worse...but...

"Definitely, it could change," Callahan said "As we go into the fall, when we normally have our driest time, if the precipitation cuts off, then we might have more concerns later on."

We asked WAVE 3 meteorologist Andy Weingarten about the likely hood of that occurring and what the recent weather could mean for you down the road.

"I think it's always a concern, considering last fall it was very hot and dry, but I don't think this was the same pattern this year," Weingarten said. "As long as we get normal temperatures, which seem to be coming starting next week, and normal precipitation in the fall, I don't think drought will be that much of an issue."

Back on the farm, Huber says he's got 7 ponds to water crops and he's ready for mother nature.

"When you're dealing with mother nature, there's always ifs and struggles and bumps in the road, like in life. We do our best and we keep plugging along," he said.

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