Metro EMS employee arrested for DUI

Alex Brown (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)
Alex Brown (Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – In another black mark for Louisville Metro EMS, an employee is accused of driving under the influence. This comes after an EMS supervisor was fired and five other workers were suspended.

WAVE 3 discovered that 25-year-old Alex Brown is off the job after police say he was busted with unmarked prescription drugs and drove under the influence. Brown was arrested days before Major Roger Parvin crashed an EMS vehicle, which sparked an investigation.

An arrest report lays out the disturbing allegations against Brown. According to police, on July 16 Brown crashed his personal vehicle at the intersection of Mellwood and Muncie Avenues. A deputy sheriff told police he saw Brown driving recklessly.

Metro Police say when they got there, Brown had slurred speech and slowed response. When they searched his car, they say they found an unmarked prescription bottle with more than 100 pills, including muscle relaxers and anxiety medication.

Brown has been suspended without pay pending the investigation and is taking a leave of absence.

Just five days after Brown's arrest, a rollover crash on the Gene Snyder Freeway involved Parvin, who driving a Metro EMS SUV, but was not responding to an emergency.

Dr. Neal Richmond, director of Louisville Metro EMS, said they got a call earlier that day claiming Parvin was driving recklessly in his neighborhood and hit a car.

"EMS supervisor vehicle had been seen driving erratically in a neighborhood," said Richmond. "Had actually struck two mailboxes, the mirror had come off and that vehicle was noted to be driving into a home driveway."

That was enough for Richmond to get involved. He questioned Parvin and said Parvin admitted he took Oxycontin without a prescription a week before the crash. Richmond also said an internal audit uncovered that instead of destroying expired medication, Parvin stole about 180 vials.

Brown is charged with DUI and having a prescription with controlled substance in an improper container. He goes back to court next month.

Because a city employee was involved, LMPD's Public Integrity Unit is investigating Parvin's case.

As far for those five other workers, Metro police and the mayor's office both say that is a separate investigation.

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