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Sypher has until Friday to finalize appeals

Karen Sypher Karen Sypher
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The more than year long saga involving the University of Louisville's men's basketball coach could be over soon. Last year, a jury found Karen Sypher guilty on all counts, including trying to extort money from Rick Pitino. Her current attorney, who was not on the case during the trial, says he is not giving up and is putting together the final paperwork on the appeals process due Friday.

David Nolan describes his client's legal battles as a "travesty." Nolan says her former attorney, court appointed Jim Earhart, was not affective.

"He had subpoenaed 19 witnesses and when it was his time to present a defense, not one of those 19 witnesses was called," said Nolan. "He only provided one document to Karen's defense."

After the trial, WAVE 3 sat down with Earhart who said he didn't call Sypher to the stand because two of her interviews were played in court and there wasn't anything left to say.

"She's a good person," said Earhart in that interview. "She's a caring mother, and she's been very cooperative with me throughout."

In his appeal Nolan blames Earhart for not checking the authenticity of recordings, signatures, and possible doctored photos, and describes a broad conspiracy that also includes Pitino and the judge. This is all information the appellate judge will look at and decide what, if anything happens next.

"This is it. We've come to a point of decision," said Nolan. "She wants her day in court and we hope for a new trial so that she has that fair trial."

For now the 51-year-old mother of five remains in a federal minimum security prison in Florida. Nolan said Sypher is frustrated and being treated unfairly at prison, being denied medicine and proper sleeping arrangements. Nolan provided WAVE 3 a copy of a letter he sent to Sen. Rand Paul's office to investigate if she's being treated unfairly. 

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