Burglars caught on camera: Police ask for public's help

Eric Bailey
Eric Bailey

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police said they knew they were being watched, but that didn't seem to matter. Now that same surveillance video could be the key to catching them.

Eric Bailey's trouble began around 10:45 a.m. Monday, after he got a call from his alarm company. He came home, found a broken back window and decided to check his home surveillance camera.

"Low and behold, I found the car and I saw three guys walking around up and down here," Bailey said.

Thursday, police released that surveillance video. In it, you can see a car pull up to Bailey's home on Chapeze Drive. Off in the distance, someone gets out and walks to the house. One of the men spots the camera, but he didn't seem to care. The man even waves at the camera.

"Just ... the nerve of ... (makes a waving motioning). That just, kind of blew my mind," Bailey said.

After that, police said someone walked around the home and busted out a living room window. After the alarm sounded, the suspect leave.

"I just couldn't believe that they could go back in there and even, after finding the camera, attempt to even break in," Bailey said.

The Bullitt County Sheriff's Office hopes someone recognizes them.

"We've had some other burglaries that kind of match the same MO (modus operandi or method of operation) that this one was used, by throwing something through the window," said BCSO Det. Scotty McGaha. "We believe he may be a suspect in at least two more burglaries."

Bailey and his family have lived in their home seven years. He said this was the third time someone tried to break into their home. After the first he had an alarm installed. The second prompted him to get a surveillance camera.

"We've had some other problems up and down this road recently. I've actually set out some trail cams; some hunting cams." Bailey said. "It's not 100% failsafe, but at least it's a little bit more peace of mind."

Bailey said that luckily no one has been hurt and he really hopes police catch the people responsible. Anyone with information is asked to call the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office.

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