Repairs from water main break continue

Brandon Perkins
Brandon Perkins
Kelley Dearing Smith
Kelley Dearing Smith

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Louisville Water Company is working to repair the second major water main break this summer in the same area. Compared to the break on July 11 that happened just west of the site of the current location, the Louisville Water Company said this break only spilled out 7.5 million gallons of water compared to 70 million in the last one. LWC crews were only able to begin their repair work late Friday afternoon because the land that gave way thanks to the water took out a large tree too.

As if staring into a giant hole in his front yard wasn't bad enough for Brandon Perkins, Friday morning the land gave way and the whole swallowed much of what gave his home its character – a huge 100-year-old tree. It left crews trying to get the pipe fixed with an even bigger job on their hands.

Kelley Dearing Smith, a Louisville Water Company spokesperson, said they had to remove the root, tree and trunk from the hole before LWC crews could access the portion of the 48 inch transmission line that busted.

Perkins said watching the water spew from the 88-year-old broken main was like watching a volcano that erupted out of the road. Although it was the second break in the line in less than a month, Dearing Smith said they don't believe there is an overall problem at this point. However, Dearing Smith said staring down into the abyss once again does give them some concern about how effective their inspections are.

"What we're trying to do is figure out if there's technology in the country we can get here to help us really inspect this pipe," said Dearing Smith.

Until then their job is getting the pipe patched and the water flowing again.

Dearing Smith said everyone has water, but there is still a boil advisory in effect for around 400 customers in an area bound by Lilly Avenue on the north, Bradley Avenue on the east, Maylawn Avenue on the south and Interstate 65 on the west.

Louisville Gas & Electric said the gas line that was ruptured left 37 homes without service. All but two of those homes are expected have gas service restored by Friday night. They hope to have the gas line repaired by Tuesday.

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