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Pilot fights for life after plane crash with family

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Joshua and Jamie Marksbury (Source: Regina McDowell) Joshua and Jamie Marksbury (Source: Regina McDowell)
Jamie and Jacob Marksbury (Source: Regina McDowell) Jamie and Jacob Marksbury (Source: Regina McDowell)

HODGENVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A LaRue County pilot is fighting for his life after his personal plane carrying his family crashed.

It happened in Hodgenville around 3:30 p.m. Monday. The family had a flight plan and were on their way to Ohio and eventually West Virginia, but shortly after takeoff something went wrong.

Moments before a small prop plane took to the sky in LaRue County, Huel Vincent watched. 

"I waved at that little boy and he waved right back at me," said Vincent.  

The pilot, 31-year old Joshua Marksbury, his wife Jamie, and their 4-year-old boy Jacob were airborne and almost instantly Vincent knew something wasn't right.

"I seen the wing went like that and I ran down that hill as fast as I could come," said Vincent.

Kentucky State Police say right after take off the plane's wing hit the top of a tree, then hit a telephone wire, spun around, and crashed right along the side of the road.

"It does appear he did attempt to make some sort of maneuver once he was on the landing strip," said Norman Chaffins with Kentucky State Police. "I'm not sure what that maneuver was, but there was some marks on the landing strip where he actually came down once he took off and that's when lost altitude as he clipped the tree."

The landing happened just feet from Regina McDowell in her SUV along U.S. 31-E.

"That's a plane down," said McDowell. "A plane just crashed in front of me, what to we do."

McDowell said when she got to the wreckage she realized everybody was breathing, but could tell the injuries were serious, especially Joshua's.

"I had to get my knife and cut the seatbelt off so we could pick him up and take him out," said Vincent.

All three were airlifted to Louisville hospitals. Police say the family lived in Buffalo, Kentucky. Friends say Joshua was an experienced commercial pilot and worked for Honaker Aviation.

"They are a local family that pretty much everybody knows and a good family and we'll be praying for them," said McDowell, while always remembering that sight that she never wanted to see. "I'll have that picture in my head for awhile."

Joshua Marksbury is in critical condition with life threatening injuries. Police say he does have severe head injuries. Jamie and Jacob were both seriously hurt, they are in stable condition, and expected to be ok.

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