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Thousands still without power for the third day

Lisa Oldham Lisa Oldham
Pidgn Clinton Pidgn Clinton
Jeri Wolfe Jeri Wolfe
Jeri Wolfe's whole house generator Jeri Wolfe's whole house generator

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Power crews have been working around the clock working to restore power to the thousands who have been in the dark, but for many Monday will be another night with no electricity.

As of 4 p.m. Monday, LG&E's outage map was reporting 23,000 customers without power in Jefferson County. That's down from a peak of more than 128,000 Saturday night. People we spoke with Monday have been without electricity for three days, but are counting their blessings because at least the weather was pleasant.

"I hate to see this happen when it's in the upper 90s with heat index over 100," said Lyndon resident Lisa Oldham. "It happens might as well not spaz out about it. Try to remember how it was back in time face it a lot of us were without air conditioner.'

"My father's only comfort he's on hospice right now and his only comfort is the radio and TV and I'm trying to keep him going," said Lyndon resident Pidgn Clinton.

For many residents, lights out is a familiar feeling.

"I was looking up at the sky and said oh oh this is going to be bad," said Clinton.

For Clinton and Oldham, It's their third time around. They were out for days from the 2008 wind storm, 2009 ice storm, and now Mother Nature's punch in 2011.

"it's not like we haven't experienced before, we just rather not experience it again," said Oldham.

Jeri Wolfe learned her lesson. "It was during the ice storm and I was with my older son for 11 days," said Wolfe.

Wolfe invested in a whole house generator. They come with a hefty price tag, anywhere between $4,000 to $6,000. For Wolfe, it was worth it.

"Since I got the generator this is the first time I've had to use it for any length," said Wolfe.

Generators have also been flying off the shelves in town. LG&E hopes to have a majority of customers back up and running Monday and Tuesday, the remaining by Wednesday.

Duke Energy has less than 400 customers without electricity, mainly in Clark and Floyd counties. They hope to have them back online Monday night.

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