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Bullitt County deputies name suspects in multiple home burglaries

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – One arrest is made in a string of burglaries in Bullitt County, but the sheriff's office is still on the hunt for another wanted man.

It was surveillance video that helped detectives identify two men wanted for at least five home break-ins. Two active arrest warrants were issued and the U.S. Marshal's office found one of those men at his parents house in Louisville.

Attempting to break into a house with surveillance cameras in Shepherdsville, may not have been the smartest idea. "One of the gentlemen appears to be either be waving at the video or seeing if its motion censored, but he does wave twice at the video camera," said Detective Mike Murdoch, Bullitt County Sheriff's Office.

Homeowner Eric Bailey is thankful he had the camera installed and an alarm to scare them away. "I just couldn't believe that they could go back in there and even after finding the camera attempt to even break in," said Bailey.

Investigators believe not every house was as lucky, and they blame 36-year-old Christopher Vegas, 33-year-old Donnie Deacon, and a juvenile. After releasing the video, detectives used tips from the public and found the car they say the suspects were known to be in.

"A silver colored vehicle described as an Impala, which is what the vehicle was seen in the area of the burglaries," said Murdoch.

Detectives matched up the license plate and followed the car ending up at St. Rita Catholic Church on Preston Highway on Friday at a picnic. They looked inside the car and discovered what they believed to be stolen jewelry.

When they found the car's owner, they say she was shocked. "The owner had no idea and was very compliant, she had no idea what was going on with her vehicle during the day," said Murdoch.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Deacon was arrested at his parents house on Evelyn Avenue in Louisville.

Now the search is on for Vegas, a man they say may be armed."We received information also that Mr. Vegas made statements that he would not go back to prison and that police would have to shoot him," said Murdoch.

Both men have a long criminal history. Deacon's family did not wish to comment.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Vegas you are asked to call the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office at 502-543-2514.

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