JCPS, students ready for first day after two day delay

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The lights are on and the phones and internet are working at JCPS schools. After a two day delay, students finally started their first day bright an early. It's also a first day for new Superintendent Dr. Donna Hargens.
No matter how many times a student has had a first day, there is a familiar feeling.

"I'm nervous, always nervous about the first day ever since I was in kindergarten," said Waggener High School Senior Walter Fredrick.
Knowing how much of a big deal kindergarten is, mom Rhonda Frakes wanted to make she wouldn't forget her son's first day.
Sarah Sandmann walked her twin daughters to school at Rutherford Elementary.
"I'm glad they are coming back today they've been up for two hours waiting to go to school," said Sandmann.
JCPS's new superintendent was also waiting.
"Learning is fun at Rutherford," said Dr. Hargens. Hargens shook hands and engaged with students before school. "Were you disappointed that school didn't start on Monday," said Dr. Hargens. The students shook their heads yes, and Dr. Hargens told them she was disappointed as well.
Monday was supposed to be the first day of school but, a weekend storm left thousands in the dark, including dozens of schools. The power outage also caused problems with phones and internet service.

Wednesday, things were back up and running.
"Everyone had a big role to play and preparing for the first day of school," said Dr. Hargens.
As far as sending students back home, Dr. Hargens says parents should be aware there may be delays and hopes to avoid repeating history last year when busing problems and confusion led some students to return home as late as 9:00 p.m. on their first day back.
"The big difference is there is going to be communication," said Dr. Hargens. "If a parent is concerned they just need to call and have access to say exactly where that bus is and what time that bus should be arriving."
Dr. Hargens says her goals are to hit the ground running and work on student achievement.
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