KY state fair kicks off with politicians dishing food, and some mud

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For many, the day starts with breakfast and on Thursday, breakfast started the Kentucky State Fair and at that event, a lot of politicians dished some food, and some mud.

"It's fun to be at an event like this," said Governor Steve Beshear.

"The opening day of the KY state fair is exciting for everyone," said Senator and Republican Gubernatorial Candidate David Williams.

"I always say it's agriculture's time to shine," said Ag Commissioner and Republican Lt. Gubernatorial Candidate Richie Farmer.

They all seem to agree on that, and that may be about all. At the breakfast, the sizzle of the Kentucky Proud food is one sound, but like the animal exhibit barn next door, it may sound like a bunch of crowing back and forth.

The Commodities Breakfast kicks off the fair and picks up steam every year.  It's also known as the place where politicians blow off a lot of steam, and the gubernatorial race has a lot of that.

"People tell me that a lieutenant governor candidate has never been attacked like I have but you just have to roll with the punches," Farmer said.

When asked, "how do you respond to that," opponent Beshear said, "well of course the news media handles the politics in a way and you've got to live with what you've done and you've got to live with your record and people are going to be looking at my record."

For Farmer, that's included questions about spending and furlough days, along with his personal divorce which has become very public.

"I've got 3 kids that are 14, 12, and 9, and you hate that they have to hear all those things and see people talking about their dad," Farmer said.

While Governor Beshear hasn't directly run many of the ads and attacks, he and former Louisville "Mayor for Life" Jerry Abramson are ducking it out against the Williams-Farmer ticket.

"The campaign trail's been fun, there are ups and downs," Robyn Williams, wife of David Williams, said.

She's talking about some of the claims made against her husband.

When asked, "One of the claims out there is that you spent a lot of taxpayer money refurbishing your office and buying a tv," Williams immediately responded with, "That's a ridiculous claim.  the tv in my office was bought by us and at one time there was a monitor there that's now over in the senate chamber that was a spare."

"They're talking about that tv and the governor hops in the state helicopter and goes to the races and uses a private plane to go on family vacations and they don't talk about that," Williams continued.

So WAVE 3 News took that question to the top.

"We have strict policy at the state that I implemented about the use of state planes and anytime -- well, the law allows me to use it for private use -- but  I said anytime I use it for private use, we're going to reimburse the state and we follow that strictly," Governor Beshear said in response.

And one thing that will be followed very closely right after Labor Day will be politics as the races go non-stop starting then, up until the November election.

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