GE unveils new data center at Appliance Park

L to R : Congressman John Yarmuth, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, GE Appliances & Lighting CEO Jim Campbell
L to R : Congressman John Yarmuth, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, GE Appliances & Lighting CEO Jim Campbell

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- It's a multi-million dollar project that says a lot about General Electric's future in Louisville.

Thursday, the company unveiled a brand new state-of-the-art data center at Appliance Park.That new data center is was $48 Million project designed to be greener and provide a lot of computing power. It also aims to support current and future product investments for the company and customers.

"Winning in these industries means delivering innovative products and services our customers want, when and how they want them. That's why we've made these investments." Said GE CEO Jim Campbell.

The facility is the first of it's kind in the Commonwealth. The new data center is an upgrade from the UNIVAC. That was the company's first commercially installed computer installed in 1954. The new facility is environmentally conscious, earning it platinum LEED certification.

GE used an existing building with unused factory space for the data center, along with security upgrades and more. It's part of a $1 Billion business investment paying off for customers.

"The benefit for the consumer is, ultimately, we're going to have products that are higher efficiency. we believe they're going to be higher quality and a lot of that is based on all of this it work that we're doing," said Campbell.

Mayor Greg Fischer said it speaks to the company's community commitment.

"For you all to make this investment here in this facility, with your team, speaks legions to the work force, to the leadership here and to the commitment to Louisville."

Congressman John Yarmuth said the company has shown cooperation and commitment in investment and innovation

"What GE has done, time after time after time, and reinforcing today, is shown that cooperation, commitment in investment and innovation will set the stage for a brighter future." Said Yarmuth.

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