Fair goers weary of price increase

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The cost of everything seems to be on the way up and that includes the Kentucky State Fair, which is up 25 percent from last year. Adults have to pay $10 just to get through the gates and another $8 to park.

"Now it's going to cost me out my rear end," said Debbie Harper of Fern Creek. "I've got ten tickets for $13...each ride costs four or five tickets."

Debbie Harper's son is under 16 and has unlimited rides for the afternoon with a special Friday deal on wrist bands, but that's not the case for his mom.

"I thought me and him would enjoy riding rides all day, but that's not the way it's going to be because I can't come over here and buy five or ten tickets for $13 all day," said Harper.

She's also concerned about the increase in the ticket price. The fair board voted to raise the entrance fee this year.

"What we call free concerts out in the stadium, they're free to the public, but not to us," said Harold Workman CEP/president of the Kentucky State Fair Board. "We pay for those acts and we pay quite a bit for them. We have all the ground acts that are out here stationary and there are roving grounds acts."

The board hasn't raised prices since 2007. Under the new price a group of five adults costs $50 to get in plus $8 to park.

"I do think it's reasonable because we're providing a tremendous entertainment value for the families coming out to the fair," said Workman.

One concert goer agrees.

"I think it's definitely worth it," said Chris Kerr who is attending Def Leppard.

Others remember when it was virtually free to park.

"It was probably 25 years ago it was a dollar," said fair goer Carol Prather.

Many wish it was the same way today.

"I haven't done nothing yet and it cost me $50 already," said Debbie Harper. "That's unbelievable."

There were discounted tickets available at Kroger before the fair started. Seniors 55 and up will get in for $1 on August 23rd. There are also deals for unlimited rides on the weekdays when the fair is open.

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