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Two busted for allegedly making meth in Jefferson Memorial Forest

Nathan Turner and Wednesday Pettit (Source; LMDC) Nathan Turner and Wednesday Pettit (Source; LMDC)
Lindsay Pfaff Lindsay Pfaff
Officer Dale Elliott Officer Dale Elliott
Chief Don Wittry Chief Don Wittry

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - WAVE 3 has uncovered a growing problem in a local forest. Meth labs have crept their way in.

An off-duty Heritage Creek Police Officer says there was something suspicious about a couple in the Jefferson Memorial Forest. Turns out the two people were allegedly operating a meth lab. For visitors at the forest, it's just surprising.

"To know there are people back in these woods making meth is very scary," said Lindsay Pfaff, a park visitor who had come out to the forest last Friday with her dog Bo to hike. "This is definitely a place you come to escape the world to find peace and relaxation."

It's also a spot Heritage Creek Police officer Dale Elliott likes to enjoy on his down time. In fact, Elliott was at the forest on Friday when he spotted 26-year-old Nathan Turner and 23-year-old Wednesday Pettit. But something just didn't seem right.

"The first thing he told me is that they were getting ready to have sex and that didn't add up at all," said Elliott.

It turns out Elliott's suspicions were right. He said Turner and Pettit were operating an active meth lab.

"They had a Pyrex container," said Elliott. "They had a bottle like a soft drink bottle and smoke coming out of that bottle. Not your typical Pepsi."

Louisville Metro Police, the Metro Health Department, and the Fairdale Fire Protection District responded to teh scene. Fairdale Fire Chief Don Wittry says meth in the forest is a growing problem.

"We've had three runs on meth labs alone this month so, that gives you an idea of how many we make a year," said Wittry.

According to Wittry, there is reason why people are making meth in the forest.

"It omits an odor that is typical of rotten eggs ammonia smell they want to get away from other folks as much as they can," said Wittry.

For authorities, it's now something that's actively on their radar. However it won't stop Pfaff from coming to forest.

"Hopefully, people not that they find someplace else to make meth, I just really wish they wouldn't do it in the park," said Pfaff.

Police charged Turner and Pettit with manufacturing meth and possession of drug paraphernalia. Turner bonded out of jail Monday. Pettit is behind bars being held on $500 bond. Turner and Pettit will be in court on August 30.

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