Louisville Red Cross team heads to East Coast

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Five red cross teams from Kentucky are on the way to the east coast to help in anticipation of hurricane Irene.

The Louisville team left this morning at nine carrying much needed supplies. The Red Cross team from the Louisville area is heading to the east coast of the Carolinas to help in the face of an impending storm

Keith Alvey, Red Cross regional CEO said  "This morning what we're doing is we're getting trucks ready to roll in advance of a storm that is projected to hit the east coast. We want to have all of our resources and assets in position to help the people who are affected by the storm as it rolls in because we'll be setting up shelters as people evacuate from the coastal areas. We're gonna have to have resources ready to take care of those folks when they evacuate inland to get away from the storm. "

The storm is Hurricane Irene which is tearing through the Atlantic after hitting Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It's now heading for the east coast of the united states. The exact landfall location still unknown. But the Red Cross doesn't wait - they know there will be a need - so they are preparing now.

Alvey said "We're not sure exactly where the storm is gonna make landfall so when the hurricane come inland we'll be able to better judge where to deploy the resources to the affected areas. Right now we're trying to get everything ready so our response will be much quicker after the landfall as well as set up shelters before the hurricane comes ashore."

In addition to four people, the Louisville Red Cross sent two trucks carrying emergency supplies, bottled water and containers for food. The team is prepared to spend weeks in the area after the storm passes, if needed. After having responded to more than a hundred disasters, the volunteers have helping people down to a science.

Red Cross teams have also been deployed from Lexington, Bullitt County and Madisonville, and are all heading that way.

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