Jury reaches verdict in case of partially amputated penis

Phillip Seaton
Phillip Seaton
Dr. John Patterson
Dr. John Patterson

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The jury has reached a verdict in just about an hour in the case of a man suing a doctor for partially removing his penis.

The jury sided with Dr. John Patterson resulting in no monetary damages awarded to the plaintiff, Phillip Seaton.  Twelve jurors, six men, six women all found that the doctor did not fail to provide inadequate care.  WAVE 3 spoke exclusively with jury foreperson Lydia Tapp.

"The sticking point was that he signed the consent form," said Tapp.

Even though Seaton is illiterate, ten of the 12 jurors were satisfied that he consented to the surgery by signing the form.

"That's really all there is to it," said Tapp.  "You signed it and at the end of the day you did give that consent."

64-year-old Seaton filed a lawsuit against Dr. Patterson saying he removed part of his penis during a circumcision procedure without his permission.

Patterson says he found cancer and acted appropriately. The defense team argued he saved Seaton's life by removing the cancer.

"We're feeling pretty good," said Patterson walking out of the courtroom.

There are questions about the consent form Seaton signed before the procedure.

The jury began deliberating the case about 12:20 Wednesday afternoon.

Seaton's attorney Kevin George says they plan to appeal.

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