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Bullitt County mother apologizes for son for lying about rape

Darrell McHargue Darrell McHargue
Bullitt County Attorney Monica Meredith Robinson (on left) Bullitt County Attorney Monica Meredith Robinson (on left)
Judge Rebecca Ward Judge Rebecca Ward
John Cook John Cook
Sgt. Mike Murdoch Sgt. Mike Murdoch

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Bullitt County mother is apologizing for her 12-year-old son, who lied to police about a man raping him.

Here is the statement she sent to WAVE 3.  She asked her name be withheld:

"I want to Apologize for my son lying on him. And for myself saying I wanted to kill him . I'm just like any other mother wanting to believe their child when they say something has happened . I know it does not help with that I had taken it to the news . But I did that to warn the parents that the man was out . My son along with myself has ruined a innocent man reputation . Even though it still was not the greatest in that neighborhood . But the thing that gets me is that my sons story was the same until the girls changed theirs and then they question my son again . I do believe that my son deserves to be punished for what he has done . I do not understand why my son would make up and story like this and stick to the exact story . I just don't get it . Yes my child does have a mental disability . But that still does not give him the right to accuse a innocent man . The only reason why I accused the man is cause that was who I was told the man was even with by the friends my son stayed the night with that weekend told us . And I am so ashamed of my self and my son . I wished we could hit a rewind . But to late now I just don't get it . I am very sorry and again I do believe my son deserves some type of punishment for what he has done."

WAVE 3 was the only camera in the courtroom when Darrell McHargue's name was cleared. After a recommendation from Bullitt County Attorney Monica Meredith Robinson, Judge Rebecca Ward dismissed the rape charge against McHargue.

"A tremendous relief for them," said John Cook, McHargue's attorney. "They have been on pins and needles. This has torn their family apart."

Police arrested McHargue more than a week ago after the 12-year-old told them McHargue attacked and sexually assaulted him while he played with friends outdoors on Tuts Road in Shepherdsville. The boy shared his story, exclusively with WAVE 3 on August 18, 2011.

"And then he grabbed me by the time I started running," said the 12-year-old. "He put his hand over my eyes and covered my eyes then drug me to the woods and pushed me into the dirt, then pinned me down."

After further investigation, the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office says the 12-year-old lied.

"Detectives interviewed the witnesses who also changed their story," said Sgt. Mike Murdoch. "One of our forensic criminologists examined the evidence and nothing consistent with a rape was found in his examination. When re-interviewed by detectives the alleged victim changed his story."

McHargue's attorney told us he doesn't know why the child would make up a story like this.

"Given the opportunity, we had evidence showing exactly where he was at the time this was taking place," said Cook. "He was ordering a home movie from his telephone number."

Once the charge was dropped, WAVE 3 tried to talk to the 12-year-old's parents. They told us they don't understand what happened. The boy's father told WAVE 3 his son does have a history of exaggerating, but they still believe he is telling the truth. He says his son felt pressure from detectives to change his story.

Cook says McHargue will try to move on and put this behind him.

"He's still in a box, because of all the death threats, accusations," said Cook. "He still has this stigma of committing this crime although you heard the Commonwealth indicate they are wholly satisfied that he had nothing, nothing to do with this."

McHargue's attorney has 60 days to file a request with the court to expunge the matter, meaning the case won't be on McHargue's record.

The Bullitt County Sheriff's office is still investigating to see if the 12-year-old will face charges.

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