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Neighbors: elderly woman gets spooked, shoots and kills son-in-law

NEW ALBANY, INDIANA (WAVE) - Neighbors call it a shocking tragedy in New Albany, as an elderly woman shoots and kills a man that family would tell WAVE 3 News is her son-in-law.

It happened just before 11:00 pm Sunday at a home along the 1300 block of Culbertson Avenue in New Albany.

Police are being tight lipped about the details, only saying that 75-year-old Nettie Luckett is preliminarily charged with murder.

New Albany Police also identified the victim as Douglas Randolph, 49, of Louisville.  Officials say they won't discuss details of the shooting death until meeting with prosecutors.  That could be late Monday afternoon or sometime Tuesday.

Neighbors, however, tell WAVE 3 News a shocking story.  They say that Luckett recently became concerned about her safety, after home break-ins and other crime near her home along Culbertson Avenue.

Neighbors say she recently bought a gun to protect herself, and believe that she somehow became startled around 11:00 Sunday night when her son-in-law reportedly stopped by her home.

Details about Randolph and Luckett are not being confirmed nor denied by police, but a daughter of Luckett's did stand by the statements of neighbors.

Connie Brooks has lived next to Luckett for 34 years, and only had positive things to say.

"If you needed anything, all you had to do was ask and she'd be there and we'd try to do the same.  Nettie's a great person. We love her and we want the best for her and all her kids," Brooks told WAVE 3 News.

Now family and friends are waiting to see how police will proceed with this case.  That decision could come Monday or Tuesday. 

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