WAVE 3 Editorial - Aug. 30, 2011: Making Kids Count

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE-TV Vice President & General Manager

One out of every four Kentucky children lives in poverty and one out of every five Indiana children lives in poverty.

The poverty level is less than $23,000 in yearly income for a family of four.

One out of every 10 babies born in Jefferson County is underweight, in part because one out of every four pregnant women in the Commonwealth smokes.

Kentucky now ranks in the bottom 10 states in the nation in child health and welfare. Thirty states rank better than Indiana. These new Kids Count statistics are sobering and need to change.

An improved economy will help but substantial and sustained change will come with focusing priorities on children. They don't have lobbyists. They need all of us to lobby for them.

Tough budget decisions will be made on a federal, state and local level in the coming year. Pulling back on investing in children would not be wise.

Make kids count.

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