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Civil Suit Filed In Hate Crime

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Attorneys representing James Anderson's family announced they were filing a civil suit. In that suit, Deryl Dedmon who is charged with Capital Murder, and John Rice who was charged with assault are named, along with five other people who they say were at the Metro Inn the night the murder occurred.

They are Sarah Graves, Shelbie Richards, William Montgomery, John Blaylock and Dylan Butler. Attorney Winston Thompson says it was their duty to call police or make an effort to help James Craig Anderson, when the others began to assault him.

The five additional teens named in the lawsuit are not facing any criminal charges.

Thompson says, "All seven they acted in concert in agreement almost like a joint venture to seek out and do harm to M. Anderson we allege they acted as a group, as one." 

The Anderson family is seeking monetary damages, but they don't have an amount at this time. That will be determined by a jury. Anderson's mother, sister, and two brothers are named as plaintiff's in the case.

Deryl Dedmon, the Brandon teen accused of killing the black Jackson man because of his race, was due in court Tuesday afternoon, but that hearing has been rescheduled for September 26th. 

Prosecutors say defense attorneys requested the delay, which county officials didn't object to.  They say they have more investigating they can do.

Eighteen-Year-Old Dedmon is charged with capital murder in the June death of 48-Year-old James Craig Anderson. A surveillance video of the crime shows Dedmon using his truck to run over Anderson. 

Dedmon was initially charged with murder in the crime. That was upgraded to capital murder, after prosecutors uncovered evidence that Anderson was robbed.

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