Multimillion dollar facility in Etown gets national recognition

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Construction in Elizabethtown is gaining national attention. A multimillion dollar facility was featured in the Real Estate section of the New York Times. Just northwest of the city construction is underway on one of the largest youth sports complexes in the country.

"This won't be like your traditional run of the mill park and rec facility," said turf specialist and maintenance manager James Bergdoll.

The Elizabethtown Sports Park will have twenty four fields for multiple sports like baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. Most can feature games at any time of day with 80 light polls.

"These are top of the line state of the art lighting," said Bergdoll.

Crews are working on the 12 baseball diamonds, 10 natural fields, and two synthetic turf. The 158 acres will also have the covered seating, concession stands, and three mile trail around the perimeter.

"I also see a facility that's so state of the art that when people come here they'll think they're playing as close to the big leagues as possible," said Director Seth Breitner.

There will also be WIFI available to stream the games live.

Breitner estimates the sports complex will bring in big bucks for the whole community.

"Initially we're expecting around $7 million, and that could be a low figure based on the attention we've received lately," said Breitner.

The $26-29 million park is being paid for by a restaurant tax.

Several viewers wrote on facebook that they do not visit Elizabethtown restaurants anymore because of this tax.

Breitner says he thinks the sports park will bring back revenue to local businesses.

"We hope to fill up the hotel rooms," said Breitner. "Not only are the players coming, but their parents are coming their grandparents are coming. This will be a very large economic impact to the city of Elizabethtown."

In 2010 American families spent about $7 billion traveling to children's youth sports tournaments according to the National Association of Sports Commissions.

The facility is set to open July 15, 2012.

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