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Teacher claims local builder stole money, left home unfinished

Glenn Hunt Glenn Hunt
Leah Ann Watkins Leah Ann Watkins
The unfinished home of Leah Ann Watkins The unfinished home of Leah Ann Watkins
Tim Manning Tim Manning
The unfinished home of Tim Manning The unfinished home of Tim Manning

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A Kentuckiana builder has left a trail of unhappy customers and court cases. A school teacher from southern Indiana claims she is the latest with complaints and turned to the WAVE 3 Troubleshooter for help. We were able to track down the builder and get answers.

Glenn Hunt said he is an honest businessman. But his customers and court records tell a different story.

"I mean look at our house," said Leah Ann Watkins, while standing next to her 12-year-old daughter, Carly, in the middle of an unfinished home in Jeffersonville.

Watkins claims Hunt is the man responsible. Hunt is a builder who we would discover has trail of business and legal problems that date back to the early 1990s.

"I think he's scum of the earth," said Watkins.

Watkins said she and Hunt used to be friends, but that was before she hired him to build her this new home in Jeffersonville where Watkins claims shoddy workmanship was just the start of her problems.

Watkins claims that during construction Hunt stole $36,000 from her and said she has the receipts to prove it. Watkins claims Hunt charged her for work that was never done, double charged her for items installed in the home, used credit cards she gave to him to buy building supplies for his own personal use, and used those same credit cards to buy materials for other jobs he was working on.

Jeffersonville Police are now investigating and have questioned Hunt, who denies wrongdoing. Hunt claims any billing discrepancies were oversights and that he's willing to reimburse Watkins for any improper charges.

"I had no intentions of taking any money from that lady at all over and above what we had coming to us," said Hunt.

Police records show Hunt was arrested in 1994 on nearly identical accusations. While working on the old Colgate plant in Clarksville, Hunt was accused of charging light fixtures to a clients account without permission. Hunt said he made restitution and the case was dismissed.

Tim Manning said he paid the company Hunt works for, Carrell Rogers Cleaning and Restoration, $9,000 to start remodeling his house in Sellersburg. Months later, Manning said the job remains unfinished.

"My opinion of Glenn isn't very high," Manning said. "I don't believe anything he says."

Aubrey Libscomb, the owner of Carrell Rogers, told us Hunt was let go for issues related to Manning's remodel, as well as the Watkins house. Libscomb declined to elaborate. However, Hunt claims he stopped construction on both projects because the customers ran out of money and quit paying him, and that the incidents are not representative of his overall body of work.

"You're talking about three episodes, or four episodes, in 30 years of business," Hunt said.

But the WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Department uncovered Hunt has been hit with no less than 15 court judgments dating back to 1992 from suppliers and customers. Those judgments include a Louisville couple who Hunt was ordered to pay $383,000 for failure to repay a promissory note and breach of contract. However Hunt claims he has hundreds of satisfied customers, and that he is an honest business man.

"Every customer I ever dealt with in my life my intentions were honest and straight up and hard working," he said.

But Watkins thinks Hunt's intentions were not honest, which is why she reported him to Jeffersonville Police.

"And one of the reasons that I am trying to pursue criminal charges and one of the reasons that I wanted to talk with you is because I don't want him to keep doing this to other people," she said.

Jeffersonville Police said no decision has been made on whether or not to file charges against Glenn Hunt. A detective plans to sit down with Hunt and Watkins to go through receipts detailing the money she claims Hunt charged to her accounts without permission.

Watkins is now taking bids to finish the work Hunt started, which she said could top $40,000.

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