WAVE 3 Editorial - Sept. 13, 2011: Building Bridges

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

Traffic congestion kills jobs.

The long lines precipitated by the forced closing of the Sherman Minton Bridge due to structural problems exacerbated the traffic congestion ills in our region.

The 65/64 intersection area is already rated the 11th worst bottleneck in the country by the United States Department of Transportation. This intersection is a national artery for transportation – a major north/south transportation hub.

The Sherman Minton Bridge will be 50 years old next year. The last new bridge built here was built 45 years ago. It is certainly past time to build new ones – downtown and in the East End.

Major employers need to move goods and services or they won't come here or won't stay here. Arteries of commerce can't be allowed to become outdated. Yet they are and are over capacity. None of the bridges in our region meet current safety standards.

Finance plans for the proposed new bridges will be revealed October 6 and voted on November 17 by the Bridges Authority. We hope the plan is a good one and the vote a positive one.

We also hope the Kentucky legislature acts quickly in January to not only appropriate the needed money for the project but provide statutory authority for a design build as Indiana already has so the company who builds the bridges has the responsibility to meet the timelines to get them built.

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