President Obama coming to Louisville to look at bridge during KY visit?

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Monday starts another work week without a major artery between Indiana and Kentucky, as crews continue to figure out the best way to repair the Sherman Minton Bridge.

Now the question that keeps popping up is whether the President will get involved this week, as he heads to Kentucky.

"There's a bridge that needs repair between Ohio and Kentucky that's on one of the busiest trucking routes in North America," President Obama recently said in a national speech.

People here wish the bridge getting all the attention is the one between Indiana and Kentucky.

"Slow, slow, slow," said resident Verna Cloud in describing the traffic.

Another week without the Sherman Minton Bridge has Hoosier David Rodriquez avoiding the state line.

"During the weekday forget it no I don't want to try to go through there. It's too dangerous I think," he said.

That's the way people around Cincinnati feel about the Brent Spence Bridge.  It looks a lot like our Kennedy Bridge.

Built the same time and built to handle the same volume as the Sherman Minton, it's on it's last legs.  An overhaul is estimated at $2.5 billion.

The President is coming Thursday to Covington, Kentucky -- just a short hop from Cincinnati -- tour the Brent Spence Bridge and everyone hopes he'll travel an extra 99 miles.

"I wish he'd come here and talk our representatives about helping out with building a new bridge," Cloud said.

"It'd be nice if he'd add this stop to his trip," Congressman John Yarmuth said.

Congressman Yarmuth says President Obama should head to Louisville.

"I would hope that this would become a poster child in a way for the need to make substantial investments in infrastructure," the Congressman said.

As for what exactly's wrong with the Sherman Minton: don't count on any concrete answers.  Officials took a tour this weekend and while they're talking, they aren't saying anything.

"It's just a very complicated process," Congressman Yarmuth said.

"In terms of what's going on beneath us, it's a highly complex activity," said Kentucky Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock.

"I wouldn't because if I started describing it you'd get a piecemeal assessment," Senator Mitch McConnell said.

"It would be reckless to speculate on any level of specificity," Congressman Todd Young said.

Officials say they still need to wait for the full testing of the Sherman Minton Bridge to wrap up before they can specifically comment on the bridge.

Meanwhile WAVE 3 called the White House to see if the President will add Louisville to his Kentucky stop on Thursday, but no one called back Sunday.

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