Harrison deputies: woman calls in bomb threat to disguise shoplifting

Jessica Brown (Source: Harrison County Detention Center)
Jessica Brown (Source: Harrison County Detention Center)

CORYDON, IN (WAVE) - Harrison County deputies say a Corydon woman used bomb threats to cover up her shoplifting and they say once she got caught, she got herself in even more hot water.

"In the long run, it's not going to be a very wise choice," says Harrision County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Wayne Kessinger.

On September 13, crime scene tape went up, cops went in and shoppers were forced out of the Walmart in New Albany all because of a bomb threat. One day later, the same thing happened at the Walmart in Corydon except this time, store security caught a woman running out.

"We were able to capture a shoplifter that had ran out of the store with about $700 worth of merchandise," Kessinger said. "As the alarm was going off, she went out the cart corral."

Kessinger says minutes before, Jessica Brown, got nervous as store security started following her and, "at that point she made the decision to try to divert the attention through a bomb threat."

Kessinger says surveillance video of the Floyd County Walmart also showed her inside the store on the phone when that bomb threat was called in so he says Brown had no choice but to fess up, but Kessinger says those weren't the only crimes she had to cop to -- and these were much more serious.

"She had stolen some checks from some elderly people she was caring for and wrote about $9000 worth of checks from that account," Kessinger said.

Brown now faces 13 counts of forgery, which is a "C" felony. That's two to eight years in prison if she's convicted.

She's also facing two "D" felonies in Harrison County for the bomb threat and shoplifting and could have charges coming in Floyd County too.

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